Lacrosse has been happening in Arthur for well over 150 years. We have records of lacrosse games dating back to the late 1860s.
The CLA President in 1908 was J.M. Kearns of Arthur.
Lacrosse as we know it was resurrected around the 1970s, with local well-known lacrosse people like Jim Richardson, J.P. Howell, Ron and Linda McDougall, etc. involved. The club was incorporated in 1971. We won our first Provincial title in 1977 with a very strong Juvenile team.
The Aces play out of the Arthur and Area Community Centre in Arthur but draw players from all over Wellington North and areas close to its borders.
Over the years we have had a good number of players go on and play pro – guys like Billy Hostrawser, Chad Culp, Jamie Rooney, Rob Marshall, Pat Saunders, Matt Disher. Not bad for a very small club and hope to have more in the future.
We presently offer box lacrosse programs for players ranging from 3 years old up to 21, including girls at various levels when we have the numbers. Related to, but not officially part of Arthur Minor, we also have a Senior Women’s team for girls who graduate from U22 and want to continue playing.

Arthur Aces Minor Lacrosse