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Welcome to Zone 8 Lacrosse! 

Spanning from Owen Sound to the north, Brantford to the south, Guelph to the east and Kitchener to the west, here is where you'll find some of the best lacrosse in southern Ontario!

For Parents that think Lacrosse is too dangerous...

It's not even in the top 10 sports related injuries!

Statistics taken from the Consumer Product Safety Commission showing which sports are responsible for the most trips to the emergency room for atheletes aged 13-17

14.  Horseback riding (5,581)

13.  Lacrosse (5,830)

12.  Track and Field (8,194)

11.  Weight lifting (8,921)

10.  Snowboarding (9,608)

9.   Ice hockey (12,336)

8.   Volleyball (14,304)

7.   Softball (18,119)

6.   Wrestling/Boxing/Martial arts (18,174)

5.   Gymnastics/Cheeerleading/Dance (22,671)

4.   Baseball (27,208)

3.   Soccer (45,475)

2.   Football (118,886)

1.   Basketball (119,589)

Why play lacrosse?

Builds self-esteem, sportsmanship and leadership skills.

Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

It is Canada’s National Summer Sport.

Can provide opportunities to compete at provincial, national and international levels.

The fastest growing team sport in North America.

Lacrosse is FUN!

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